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Reduce the appearance of cellulite - Enhance lymphatic drainage - Decrease minor aches & pains - Activate blood circulation - Improve muscle tone

Endosphères Therapy is a clinically proven treatment based on Compressive Microvibration.

The Endospheres Compressive Microvibration method represents a new era in the treatment of aesthetic and rehabilitative pathologies. This patented technology designed by Italian bio-engineers harnesses a powerful frequency by way of pulsed, rhythmic action to penetrate from the top of the skin deep into the muscle

Artemis Distribution partnered with The Fenix Group to bring Endospheres to the US market. Fenix has been at the forefront of aesthetics and medical-aesthetic equipment for many years and has built a trusted reputation by way of research and development.

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In clinical observations of 656 patients, Endospheres improved cellulite by 39% and had a 97.8% customer satisfaction rating.

In a competitive cosmetic industry, Endospheres is a 100% non-invasive method with no downtime and uses the latest technology to make treatments enjoyable and effective.


The rotation of the spheres at a given speed produces small vibrations (micro- vibration) in the tissues - while the weight of the handpiece plus the pressure applied by the technician governs compression .Similar to a sprinkler system to a garden, the body is constantly working very efficiently to supply the right amount of water, blood, and different nutrients to cells across the body. It is in the obstruction of this supply from injury or dysfunction of any of the systems within our bodies that the origin of dis-ease, pain or illness originates from.

The arrangement of the spheres in the handpiece allows for quick alternation between pressure and lifting, which produces localized vibration waves on the tissue, thus breaking down fibrous septae, which allows for full-body contouring.

Reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Enhance lymphatic drainage.

Moves excess water and trapped
toxins towards major lymphatic
ducts to be drained.

Activate blood flow.

Produces increased oxygenation
of the tissues and a restorative

Decrease minor aches & pains.

Stimulates mechanoreceptors and
a release of endorphins.

Improve muscle tone.

Improves oxygen and nutrient
intake, which leads to the toning
of muscles.

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