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(Arthritis, rotator cuff) Palmbeach Rejuvenation lessens the severity of shoulder pain with the regenerative qualities of platelet-rich plasma.

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be the result of inflammation, injury or gradual wear. Overuse, sprains or strain are the most common causes of shoulder pain and are the primary causes of arthritis. The more the shoulder is worn down through years of use or rigorous work conditions, the more at risk you are for developing arthritis.

The location of discomfort can also determine the cause of shoulder pain. The shoulder’s rotator cuff is one of the most common areas to receive an injury due to the amount of use the muscles receive over time. It occurs in people who perform overhead motions on a regular basis through work or physical activity. Shoulder joints are prone to degenerate over time and take far longer to heal on their own, making them vulnerable to wear and tear with regular use throughout one’s lifetime.

How is shoulder pain typically treated?

Depending on the severity of the condition, shoulder pain can be treated in a number of ways. For minor injuries, less invasive options such as physical therapy, activities that place less strain on the shoulder and anti-inflammatory medication are recommended. If these solutions are not enough to heal shoulder pain, surgery is generally required. However, there is a high probability of failure or re-injury after surgery.

What can Palmbeach Rejuvenation do for you?

PRP therapy promotes healing by providing a long-lasting solution for shoulder pain without undergoing a long recovery process, expensive treatment options or invasive surgeries. PRP can help repair the shoulder by tapping into the body’s natural healing process to produce new cells, rebuild damaged or inflamed tissue and alleviate shoulder pain. We can also provide patients with amniotic allografts to treat tissue damage and inflammation and alleviate shoulder pain.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment?

Regenerative therapy for shoulder pain can provide powerful and long-lasting relief, but one of the most significant benefits is reducing the need for invasive treatment options like surgery. With the poor blood flow and complex muscle structure of shoulders, mending the tissue without offering a means to strengthen and protect it will only leave the shoulder open to further damage. PRP offers a solution to this issue by using the newly regenerated cells to reinforce shoulder tissue. PRP therapy also has the added benefit of using platelets from the patient’s own blood, ensuring that there are no chemicals, substances, objects or foreign matter being delivered to the shoulder. Instead, PRP is a natural, autologous treatment alternative with a low risk of infection or other complications.

Contact us to learn more about how regenerative therapy at Palmbeach Rejuvenation can help you resolve shoulder pain.